Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a long term contract to advertise?

No!  We offer month to month opportunities for those who would like to try us out or simply have an advertising need for just a short window of time.

Can I advertise on just one of your AdTV locations?

Absolutely!  We want to help everyone be able to get their message out to their community and know that everyone is in a different situation.  That is why we offer custom advertising plans. Whether you want to advertise on just one AdTV or you want to advertise on every AdTV in your community, we can create a custom plan for you!

Is there a cost to being a Host Location?

We cover both the cost of the AdTV and its installation.  The only cost for the Host is the power to run the AdTV, which is very little as all AdTV’s are very low consumers of energy.

Is a long term contract required to be a Host Location?

No!  We want to have mutually beneficial relationships with our Host Locations.  If at anytime you no longer wish to be a Host Location, just give us a 30 day notice.  During that time we will come and remove our AdTV.

How often will my ad be seen?

A typical Ad will run for a minimum of 10 seconds within each 4 minute loop.  This results in

  • 15 showings of your ad per hour per location!
  • 150 showings of your ad per day per location (based on a 10 hours day),
  • 1,050 showings of your ad per week per location (based on 7 days per week)
  • 4,500 showings of your ad per month per location!
Are there times when my ad will not be shown?

Typically no.  Our Hosts agree to run our AdTv’s at all times during their normal business hours.  They are usually turned off when the business is closed.

Do the Ads need an audio file?

No. All of our ads are silent, but can have motion if you choose.

What if I need to update or change my ad?

No problem! We will change out your ad as often as you’d like for free! Just provide your updated ad and it will be updated within 24 hours!

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